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Find us at 637 Broadway in NoHo! Open Everyday from 11-7pm.


Delight Your Life and Last to Save Your Memories


“I always believe that jewelry is more than just what it is, it’s one little thing that carries our mood and personality, and expresses ourselves without saying a word. It’s sentimental and personal, recalling all of our special memories - of love, of heartbreak and of healing, it grows more meaningful over time.”


SlfLuvs, based in NYC - New York, design and mindfully hand pick timeless, high end pieces meant to accessorize for a guilt-free shopping experience.

We are dedicated to sourcing every component that becomes a part of our pieces, providing dainty, timeless and high-quality adornments that are accessible to modern women everywhere. We hand pick every gem, pearl, and chain to make sure the quality of our jewelry meets the highest standards.

Whether you’re in search of statement jewelry for that big event or everyday jewelry for a date night, our diverse collection holds pieces to suit every style and mood. At SlfLuvs, we help you confidently bring your look together with effortless elegance and that final touch of finesse. Our ever-evolving collection of handmade pieces means you can consistently stay in style.


All of our gold jewelries are plated with real gold (either 14K, 18K or 24K) which should provide a long life to them. And Yes, gold-plated quality jewelries are water-resistant. Started in 2021, we were lucky to have many customers who accompanied our ongoing journey. However, we are still a small business and try to bring all of the goodness of being small business to our customers. Our current and as well as the ultimate goal is to constantly bring quality jewelries that are timeless and yet trendy.


We value the satisfaction of our customers the most and believe in quality products for that reason.